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How to Join

Northwest Business Angels is seeking to recruit individuals who have experience in a specialist field, a particular industry or professional area of expertise as well as investing money.

Membership is open to business angels or professionals seeking opportunities for angel clients. To comply with financial services legislation and to ensure commercial confidentiality, you will need to register on-line and agree to follow the rules governing the network.

Financial regulation of business angel investment in the UK allows High Net Worth Individuals to invest in small businesses and gives them the chance to contact investors more easily. This is on the basis of reasonable belief that the investor is a Self-certified High Net Worth Individual or a Self -certified Sophisticated Investor.

If you are interested in becoming a business angel but do not currently meet the above criteria, joining the Northwest Business Angels Investors Club enables you to meet the requirement. During your first six months of membership, we will provide you with additional assistance and support.

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'Investing in growing companies can be hugely rewarding for the business angel, it is an opportunity for higher investment returns than those generally achieved on the stock market.'