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The Network

Northwest Business Angels offers a dedicated service, including one-to-one business support for angels and companies alike. As it is supported by the NWDA, it is exempt from the relevant provisions of the Financial Services Act and can provide a more informal and cost effective route to investment.

The Service acts as a broker for business angels and investment-seeking companies in the Northwest, bringing together like-minded investors who can share the investment risks.

The network deals with investment-seeking companies from almost every industry sector and stage of development. What unites them is that they all represent an opportunity for you to play a vital role in helping the business to achieve the next stage in its development - and increase the value of your investment in the process. It only covers companies based in the Northwest, so you’ll never have to travel to see your potential investment in action or to discuss strategy in person.

Another attraction is that although business angel investing is undoubtedly higher risk, these risks are balanced by the potentially higher returns of investing in early-stage, growing businesses.

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'Investing in growing companies can be hugely rewarding for the business angel, it is an opportunity for higher investment returns than those generally achieved on the stock market.'